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  Journalist's websites Rebecca Eisenberg, an interesting example
  The Couch Therapy in the 90's
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Tune up your website This is one cool service
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Center for the easily amused  Random Silliness is one sample
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Make a great map for free! Lucent maps & yellow pages for free
  One Liners a limited edition of personal favorites
  San Francisco Live camera atop KPIX-TV in San Francisco
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Slightly Off Center True Stories but....
  Word A very strange and interesting website
  Amazing Fish Cam! An almost live fish tank view
  Kingdomality Your job during medieval times would have been?
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) The Rail -- Junction A very creative way to navigate the Internet
  Internet Squeegee Guy Huh? ...Definitely New York!
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) My Yahoo! news summary Customize a news summary from many sources
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Cnet The Computer Network
  Discovery Online It's the Discovery Channel plus some...
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Oval Office Live Cam Updates every 40 seconds
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Buy Books Amazon Books
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Staying busy on a rainy day A harmless way to pass the time...
  CNET software central Download download download
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) US Telephone Directory Telephone number, street address, email
  The Hollywood Reporter All kinds of hollywood stuff
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) MovieLink Find the movie in your neighborhood
  Internet Movie Data Base Everything you ever wanted to know & more
  Weather Page Your weather wherever you are
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) E! Online Good gossip, fun site
  Positive Press of the Day Like air freshener
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) Computer Support List of support & update websites
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project When you're down, you'll smile
  Latest Weird News Nothing is weirder than life
  Law on the Web Legal stuff
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) The Bureau of Missing Socks A fun browse...
BLACK_STAR_icon.gif (79 bytes) People Daily The "People" rag from Time/Life
  Crayon Create your own newspaper
  Yahoo! News Ticker Cool
  CNN Interactive A quick view of what's happening
  Where's Waldo? Takes a little time to download but worth the wait
  Breaking News NYTimes, updated every 10 minutes
  Interactive Magic Page Believe it or not!
  Find your old school mate American school directory

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