Hi & welcome to the website. My name is Jan Rifkinson. In my professional life, I was a successful television director/producer .

The hair do is probably from '58-59. Mom didn't like it but she supported the experiment. She died in 1997 @ age 83; you can see a picture of mom & me by clicking the underlined link. My father practices neurosurgery. I have other family members but they want no part of this website so I haven't included them.

I'm married to Carol & we share our home with Truman & Sam. Sabrina passed away on Easter Sunday, 2006.

I started this website to learn how to program for the internet but I cheated because I used Frontpage instead of learning html which would have been the right way to do it.

Anyway, on this website I plan to publish information on the Bouvier des Flandres, share some of my adventures in TV, & upload stuff about our friends, families & other items that interest me. Until I die, it will be a work in progress.

Comments & suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by.

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