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'The Christmas Miracle'

by  Terry Minda

Excerpted from a Bouvier Group eMail list
with the author's permission
27 Dec 2001, 12:59:32 a.m.



"It was the best of times, & the worst of times!"

Many of you know the story of our rescue puppies from Germany.  Margret Meier, who is from Germany, has been working for over a year to help save Bouviers from her country & this year, just before Christmas, five Bouvier puppies were saved from a fate worse than "just" mere death!

We had been working VERY hard to find just the right homes for our babies & we were so pleased how many lives we have touched during this holiday season. We met & made many new friends who we are eternally grateful to for helping with home checks, donations, kind offers & words of encouragement.  [...]

Many of you also know that, in the past, Margret was involved in "all breed" rescue because, until just recently, we didn't have Bouvs in need in our area.  Margret had lived in Miami & saw the horrific conditions of Miami Dade Animal Control & made it her life's work over the past year & a half to save dogs from this living hell.  She rescued over 1,000 dogs from there during this period.

Anyway, due to her "all breed" rescue, she met a homeless man whose family had thrown him & his dog, Benji, away.  He had a lead on a job in Tampa, & his quest was to get the job & find a home for himself & his old Chow Benji.  He asked Margret if she would board him for fifty dollars a month 'til he could send for Benji & Margret agreed. 

But after a month or so, Margret stopped hearing from the man so she thought he had abandoned his friend! Several weeks later, a gentleman called to inform Margret that Benji's master had died of lung cancer but he would send money if she would keep the old dog!  Margret said she would keep Benji & never heard from that man again either.

She took care of Benji because he was no bother to anyone; he was deaf &  had a lot of tumors on his paws & all over his body but [he also] had the kindest, sweetest face you have ever seen.

I will never forget the day Margret took me to pick up the dogs she had boarded during her move.  There was something that made me love Benji right away. Maybe it was because he resembled my Holly who was a Bouv/Chow mix & I saw that same sweet smile.

When Margret moved up to West Palm Beach, I became more intimately involved with her "un-adoptable" rescues & I always came back to my friend, Benji.  I made new web pages for Margret called "We Are The Faces of Rescue" and, of course, Benji's pictures were at the top.

One of the fine families from Boca Raton, who adopted one of the Bouv puppies, must have clicked on this rescue web page & saw Benji's sweet face because when they came to pick up their Bouv puppy Benji -- wearing his Christmas collar --  greeted them at the door as fate would have it . They "squealed" to Margret, "this is Benji".

Margret was quite surprised (they must have seen him on the web page) & all agreed they wanted to give him a "good" home for the rest of his life. The family said they had already discussed it & wanted him!  Margret was astounded but, since they had fallen totally in love with Benji, she decided they would become his new family.

They had to wait a little over a week for their Bouv puppy to recover from her spay during that time, all they could talk about was Benji. They were as excited about him as they were with the new puppy--Zeige (which means goat in German).

They made a big Christmas stocking for Benji &  couldn't wait til they could pick him up!  I will never forget when Margret told me.  I was happy for him (I actually cried)--the best of times" but I will also miss him as much as any dog I have "ever" lost -- the worst of times -- but I know Benj will be happy & loved in his new home.

He went to his new family right before Christmas & everyone was very happy. It is indeed a Christmas miracle that Benji found this wonderful family & is enjoying a very special Christmas this year.

Margret & I will visit our special friend & he will always be part of our lives. 

Benji touched me with his smiley face & his perpetually wagging tail & his simple appreciation for every moment of his life!  He teaches us a profound lesson!

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Happy Holidays!

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