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A Christmas Story
Frosty Paws, the Snow Bouv

A collaborative effort excerpted
from the Yahoo! BouvList
with permission

Part I by Terry Minda
Part II by Sandy Brock
Part III by
Part IV by
Part V by Terry Minda
Part VI by
Jill Chappell

Part VII by Jan Rifkinson


Part I

The gray skies opened up, and lovely snow flakes drifted to earth. The scenery was sprinkled with sugar, it was that magical time of year, when sugar- plum fairies dance, and miracles CAN happen. My family had faced an especially hard year, but things seemed to be turning around, and we were preparing for a special Christmas season! My family has two Bouviers, Tobey & Licorice -- a rescue Bouvier. My children just adore them, and they are our family's self- appointed protectors! The boys, both human & canine love to romp and play in the snow! My oldest son Kris 8, asked if we could build a snow Bouvier, his brother Zac, 6 said can we Mom, please, can we , can we p-l-e-a-s-e????? I said O.K. but let's bundle up....

Part II

It was hard getting the snow to actually look like a Bouvier, especially with two boys and two Bouviers "helping". Luckily, the snow was wet and packed down really well. It took us all afternoon but, finally, we had it...a life-sized SnowBouv. We even used twigs to rake in a "beard" and "furnishings". I used an old trick I heard my uncle describe and sprayed a fine water spray over our SnowBouv to make it last longer. Soon, it was covered with a thick layer of ice and glistened in the afternoon sun like diamonds on white velvet.

I was glad the boys had such a wonderful time because my husband came home with the news that he'd just been laid off. Our Christmas budget would have to go for necessities and our celebration would be terribly thin.

That night, under a full moon, I heard a strange noise...a crackling and popping and the bell-like sound of shattering glass...

Part III

I looked out the window into the midnight sky, it was lightly snowing and I saw a falling star, it brightly illuminated the spot where we had constructed our Bouvier snow dog and to my utter astonishment it was gone. The Bouvier snow dog was gone!! I quickly tiptoed down the hall and peeked into the boys bedrooms to see if they were sleeping. Both were sound asleep. I put on my robe and slippers and went down stairs and opened the front door to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. As I walked to the spot I saw glitter and dog paw prints all around, now the paw prints were much to big to belong to my dogs. I'm standing there pinching myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming..........

Part IV

All at once, instead of feeling the cold frigid temperature, I felt a soft glowing warmness come upon me. From the inside. Closing my eyes, I beheld a vision before me of a paradise like no other. It was a Bouvier paradise! There was a King and Queen and lord Bouvs and Duchess Bouvs. They were all manner of Bouvier types and best of all, they had French Poodles that waited on them!

Standing before the Kind of the Bouvs stood a snow white Bouvier that was the snow dog we'd created that day. The White Bouv appeared to be appealing earnestly to the King. Of what, I was unaware........

Part V

As I stealthily crept closer to the King & Queen's throne, I could clearly hear our snow Bouv pleading his cause, he spoke in an almost Shakespearean accent "my lord" our human friends have come across very sad times in recent years, so many have lost their angel- Bouvie guides, and have lost their way-- without them, who knows what will come of them! I implore you-- to allow me to send forth an army of angel- puppies to turn their sadness into joy! My most humble personal request is, they will be given the gift of "human" speech for only one day, and that special day will be Christmas, your divine eminences this would be the best gift you could give to the WORLD!!!!!!!!

I could faintly hear the King's response, as he spoke in such a soft and genteel manner "Frosty Paws, since you have been such a loyal and faithful servant your wish is granted, but with one stipulation........."

Part VI

"and that is, not only will the pups speak but all the Bouvs across the lands will have voice this one day. And these wonderful Bouvs who can speak may only do so about rescuing their friends". "Since you have been so loyal and faithful, we need to let everyone who is looking forward to owning a Bouv that adopting is wonderful". The King and Queen must be as smart as us Bouviers are, thought Frosty Paws! "Why, if the Bouvs could talk, then all of the foster dogs could tell the humans of why they ended up in their present situation and that it did not mean they were bad dogs. And if they were sick then they could tell the humans how to help them or possibly the reverse". Frosty Paws could just begin to imagine all of the people that these wonderful puppies could now help. Frosty Paws was so excited that he did the Bouvie bounce beyond control and ended up right in the Kings lap. Of course, we all know the size of a Bouv and the Queen did not get left out, his back legs were across her lap! With this acknowledgement from the King and Queen, Frosty Paws set out to await the arrival of the "rescue mission puppies". He could not wait. There would now be an army of puppies (large and small) who would save Christmas. Frosty Paws could envision it already. All of these Bouvs were going to be just like the elves that Santa has. And then he knew he would be different forever. For that one day of the year, he would become Frosty Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part VII

And it became Frosty Claus' mission 364 days a year to keep track of all Bouvs in need of a home & to record their transfer out of shelters around the world into rescue facilities, foster homes & visits to generous veterinary clinics until finally they were placed in forever loving homes.

Finally, on the 365th day, Frosty waved her magic wand from on high, freeing millions of miniscule sparkles. The sparkles floated gently to earth, squeezing through, in between the viruses, bullets, violent storms & bad humors that sometimes afflict humans on earth and touched each Bouvier, giving each a voice for this once so they could declare in every language: "you are my family now. I love you, I need you, I thank you. I will forever be faithful to you and I will honor you until the day I die. Please respect me, include me, touch me, feed me, play with me, protect and heal me, praise me, be my friend. my mentor and permit me the full dignity of my breed."

Happy Holidays Everyone.

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