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Nico 1992-2002 owned & loved by Ivonne Lajud

A Tribute to Nico
By Ivonne Lajud

The arrival of my bouv Nico to my life was funny. Funny because my sister chose him among a wide range of dogs in a kennel. My sister liked Nico because he was shaggy like a little teddy. I had never seen a dog like that in my whole life so I really didnít know what to do with him. At that time-1992-, Internet wasnít opened for the world like it is today and the information about Bouvs was minimal. Also, in Mexico that breed was UNKNOWN by many people including local vets. The person who sold Nico to me didnít know neither how to raise nor educate a bouv. I just followed my instincts and the little advice my vet gave me referring to dogs in general topics. In the past I had had boxers and german sheepdogs but I knew this breed was especial.

As the time passed by, one friend told me about an Obedience Club in my city and decided to take Nico there. I just thank that Club so much because they made that my interest in bouvs grew. Because of the Club I could get my dog Pure Breed Certificate and many things like the existence of Bouvs in Mexico, much information about the breed, dog shows, dog obedience tests and so on. God, I never imagined that a Bouvier des Flandres dog would cause me: concerning, money, cares, sleeplessness, unconditional love, happiness, laughs, tears, happy hours and alerts about a possible accident to myself. This is what I want to share with you.

If I wouldnít follow my bouv heartbeats and alerts, a possible accident could have happened to me.

Like every single day, I took my dog outside late afternoon. Nico knew perfectly the neighborhood. On certain part of the sidewalk of one street, Nico suddenly stopped walking. He refused to go forward with me. He looked concerned and nervous. I had never seen Nico like that before. I was confused and didnít know what to do. So, I decided to pull Nicoís leash but didnít work. He got out all of his strength and again he refused to go forward, he wanted to come back to the way weíd just walked minutes before. Next, I decided to keep walking forward but this time not on the sidewalk. It didnít work. Nico refused again. In order to get my attention, Nico blocked me. He put his body in front of my legs and started pushing me back. Of course, he got it. After that, he stuck on my legs and made circles around me. I had never seen such a behavior.

By that time, an elderly woman got into her home and asked what was happening with my dog. I told her what he had done and also that I was not going to disobey my dog alerts because something bad there was there. Then, the woman said: "Obey your dog feelings and not go on walking forward". So, I just returned back. My dog felt happy and ran away as fast as he can and also myself. I didnít want to know what there was in that part of the street and still donít want to know. I just followed my Nico evident alerts.

If you have any kind of dog and a situation like that happens to you, ONLY FOLLOW YOUR DOG HEARTBEATS AND ALERTS. I am very grateful to my dog, my BOUVIER DES FLANDRES, because he really showed me how much he loved me and saved me for something bad. Anyone can be involved in a situation similar to mine anytime and anywhere. Your dog just asks for these three needs: AFFECTION, TOO MUCH LOVE AND CARES. I DID GIVE ALL THOSE NEEDS TO MY DOG DURING HIS LIFE.

In honor to my bouv Nico, I share his amazing story with you. BOUVS are wonderful dogs. My Nico passed away last October-25th-2002. He was 10 and he has been the best dog Iíve ever had in my life.

The day my dog passed away, I wrote a letter named: "Do you accept mine?" Maybe you felt the same feeling as I did when your dog died.

My lovely Nico, you have just gone away of this world and as well of my life. It hurts so much my God. To many whys I have to ask you God: Why do I suffer so much for my dog?, why does the pain is different?, why do I feel as if water or air were not here with me to keep living?, Will I be the only one who feels like that?, why do people like me who love their dogs feel as if life will not be the same without our dogs?. Sometimes I wonder that thereís an especial connection between owner and dog. After a hard, long and exhausting day your dog always welcomes you with affection and happiness. Such welcome changes your humor. Neither your husband, wife, parents, brothers nor sisters will welcome you in such a way as your dog will do. Itís amazing that you only leave home for an hour and your dog welcomes you as if you had gone for weeks, months or years. ..Are those enough reasons to feel so bad yourself when your dog has died?

God, do good dogs go to heaven as well? If so, please accept mine. My dog has been the most loyal, honest and noble dog I have ever had in my life. He doesnít urinate inside home or bite people, clothes, furniture, or plants. The best of all is that he only eats pet food. He eats from the cheapest to most expensive one. You will be lucky to have him because heís not a demanding dog. Please, accept mine!!! When my moment of leaving this world came to me, I will be so happy to see my dog with you. I will share everything with him. Please, accept my dog!!!Ö

God, my dog had a just treatment and lots of love during his life. I didnít treat him as an abandoned and ignored pet. He only wanted the most important thing a dog wants: LOVE!!! I bet you saw how much I hold and caress him every single day of his life. My dog got things he loved like being into a room with air conditioner, walks, eating cookies, cheese and ham. I remember how much he liked cheese!!! He also had his vet visits and medicine when he got ill.

God, I accomplished to my dog until the end of his life. He wasnít thrown away. He was buried in a peaceful place very close to me. His memory will always be with me. Itís so difficult to forget someone who shared 10 years of his life with you. In this case it was only a dog. A dog that conquered my heart. Please God, accept him with you. Can you imagine how will be my life in heaven without my lovely dog? I know I will join with my family when I die, but what happens with my dog? My dog is very important to me, too.... DO YOU ACCEPT MINE, PLEASE?


By Ivonne Lajud
Mexico, 2002

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