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 Bouvs in Deplorable Conditions 
now adopted


  Follow the story entitled "Bouviers in Deplorable Conditions" @  You can search the archives. 

Contact: Margret Meier
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06.05.01 - Margret got a call this evening from the son asking Margret if she could offer more money for the dogs, she said only if I get all four! He then told her about all the NASTY calls he got from the "CRAZY" Bouvier people. He said he would discuss it with his mother, but he felt the dogs were too much for her to take care for, but she loved them so much), but they were so expensive to feed and take care of--and "you know my mother works!" So we won't know til tomorrow how much the ransom will be for these four dogs. Margret is very excited, all she has been able to do is worry  about these Bouvs. He know they will need to be vetted, because of the flea & tick infestation, they could have Lyme disease or elickia (sp?). If anyone would like to send  donations for this purpose they may if Margret gets them out. She is pretty much a one  woman rescue operation, she pays for all the neuters, spays, all vet care for the dogs she rescues, & she rescued almost 1,000 dogs last year from Miami/Dade Animal Control.

Four of my dogs came from Margret, 3 Bouviers & one Ki Lio (Maltese/Shih Tzu).
Thank all the NASTY, CRAZY Bouvier people who took the time to make the call!


08.24.01 - I was reading posts on the bouv site and came across the one  of "bouvs in deplorable conditions".  Of course I had to read it, and then every post that followed for  days.

I emailed to Teri and told her to let me know if she would like my  sister to foster any dogs because Margaret and Teri were both full. My sister and brother in law (Sheila and Don) were willing to help
out if she needed them and they didn't live too far. Teri kept us up to date on the handling of the situation and we waited patiently.

I was already looking to adopt because our female, Elie, just loved  other dogs. My son and I were sitting on the front porch saying "see you later" to Maureen (from Bouv rescue in PA) after completing our formal  interview, and Elie was at the fence barking her protest to Maureen's  leaving her.

In the house we came and Teri had left a message on the machine, the dogs were in transit to her house with Margaret, could I have Sheila  call her!

Well, I grabbed the phone and called my sister to save the day (as  she has done all my life) when I found out she was in a board meeting  without her cell phone! I was frantic! I called her secretary and with her wonderful help, we tracked down  my brother in law. Once we got him off of the golf course and Sheila out of her meeting,  they were on their way.

My sister called me on their way home to tell me how cute the puppies  were and how well behaved they were being in the car. After all, she was used to two full grown bouvs who loved to play in  the car.

Once they got home, the dogs were all introduced to one another. The big guy (now Wizard) took to her female (Storm) and the little  guy (now Pepe) took to her male (Rogaine). She spent the next few weeks grooming, playing, cleaning and so forth  because she had just moved into her new house a few days earlier.

Imagine, a brand new house and four dogs running it. Pepe loved the pool, as both of her dogs do and Wiz just liked to sit  on the first step into it.

At first, Don tried to convince her to keep them or at least one of  them (he would have 50 bouvs) but she wasn't sure. By this point, my husband and I had decided that she was adopting one  of them out to us.  I had listened to weeks of stories of these wonderful puppies. They went to work with Don (owns his own business) and the girls in  the office babysat them, every day.

The girls became so attached that they renamed them from the original  David and Goliath. All were sad when it was time for them to leave.
A friend of the family, who spends lots of time with Elie, decided  that she would love to adopt the other pup, if Sheila and Don weren't keeping them. Well, I think that was Sheila's deciding factor. Once she knew where the dogs would be placed and she was happy with that, it was okay to
let them both go.

We were very happy here in PA. We set up the flight schedule and off to the airport we went, June  16th. The PDQ office at Philadelphia Intl Airport was our first meeting  grounds. The crates came out on a hand truck, one on top of the other. As soon as the doors of the crate were opened the dogs were out.

Pepe didn't even wait to have his crate put down, he just jumped! The pups were adorable! I couldn't remember Elie being so small. After all, we picked her up in the same place 13 months earlier. Now it was time to get to the car. We stopped in the grass to see if anyone needed to eliminate but all  they wanted to do was run through the rain. Wizard actually found a grate cover that had retained about an inch of water and made it a  nap mat.

The ride home was great. They both loved the car. Wiz stood on the  back seat with his paws on the back dash, watching out the window and  Pepe just poked his nose out the open front window enough to get wet from the rain drops.

Finally at home, Elie and Wiz and their family. I think everyone was exhausted so it was a calm night.  We put the puppy in the kitchen and went to bed. That was the last night he went in the kitchen!

When we got Elie, she also was kept in the kitchen but she cried. I  came downstairs her first morning here and found my husband asleep on the floor opposite her, on the other side of the gate.

The first full day here was interesting. Elie decided that she was not going to be friends with Wiz, yet. She had to have her "I am the queen Bouvier and you must be a peasant"  disposition for a little while. This didn't last long and now they play very well together. She is  teaching him what the trash can is really for and he is teaching her how to tear up a lawn.

These two actually play tug of war with a tennis ball! When they went to get groomed she wouldn't sit still unless she could see him. The woman had to move the cage Wiz was in next to the grooming table so that Elie would keep her head still.

I think it was one of the best decisions we made, having two dogs.  Sheila just spent last week in PA with us and she got to play with the dogs again. It was a great week.

As I write this, both babies are laying on the kitchen floor guarding  all of the food in the house! Wizard is a wonderful dog as is Elie.  Elie wasn't an adoption, she was born blind in her right eye and my sister wouldn't let the vet put her down (as recommended) so we brought her here.

I am amazed at the bouvier intelligence every day and am so happy  that we have our two. Wiz has decided that since our bed is Elie's, my son's bed must be  his (as well as the bath tub that Elie no longer fits in). Wiz sleeps under the small kitchen table (for now) and Elie, under  the dining room table.

It is amazing that even though they share almost everything, they  each know their own space. The only two things Elie doesn't like to share are my husband and the mailman.  Our mailman is Elie's friend and she lets Wiz know that the minute  he enters the yard!

Wizard must miss Florida though because I can't keep him out of the  sand in the horseshoe pits!

The Wizard @ Work

Jill Chappell
Bristol, PA

If anyone who followed the deplorable conditions story would like to  see more recent pictures of Wiz, please let me know and I will email  them.

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