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now adopted

Shasta is a 9.5 yr old, spayed, docked and cropped, gray brindle female. Her owner died and the wife was no longer able to keep her. Shasta weighs 129.5 lbs. and is only 23" tall - she should weigh approx. 80 lbs.!! Because of her severe obesity, she has some difficulties walking and getting up from a prone position. She also has some difficulty breathing and cannot take the heat. I have had her to the vet's and we ran a full geriatric blood profile - heart and lungs are fine, some deterioration of the kidneys (typically due to age), no thyroid problems and no diabetes. Shasta is a very sweet girl, knows how to shake a paw, comes when called and is excellent in the house. 

The chances of a dog of this age finding placement is slim to nil - especially with her severe weight problem and inability to exercise. Most people don't want to take the chance on a dog like Shasta because they think she won't live very long. Older dogs have so much to offer - devotion, quiet companionship and a sense of dignity. 

Well, someone has 'stepped up to the plate' and has offered to foster Shasta and try to help her recover her health - but it isn't an experienced person, it isn't even an adult. A shy young girl by the name of Carla is willing to take the chance of getting her heart broken, has researched the internet and has put together an exercise/diet program to help Shasta.

Some background first: 
Carla is an only child. Her family moved next door to a good friend (who owns two neutered male bouviers) last Sept '99. Carla was deathly afraid of big dogs but fascinated by Brian's dogs. As bouviers will, one of the dogs 'O.D.' (who is a rescued dog himself - found abandoned on the highway) sensed her fear and tried to make friends. Over a period of time, Carla has lost her fear of big dogs and spends many hours grooming, walking and just being 'pals' with O.D.. She was bitten by the 'bouv bug'! and Brian asked if I could find the family a quieter, laid back bouv. 

Last week Brian approached the family with the pictures and story of Shasta. Carla asked a lot of questions and, with her parents' permission, offered to foster Shasta until she goes back to school in September. Carla wanted Shasta to get better and she felt that she could make a difference to this dogs' quality of life. She has researched the internet about bouviers, about health, spoken with Brian's vet and will be keeping a daily log of food intake, distance walked and any other pertinent information. Shasta will be weighed each week and then a report made back to me. Brian has generously offered to oversee this foster project and to provide any guidance Carla needs. 

On Sunday, July 30th, I met with Brian so that he could take Shasta to her new temporary home and her and O.D. got along wonderfully. I had Shasta all clipped down and bathed; she was even sporting a new bandana!! Carla and Shasta are settling in nicely together and are forming a bond.

Thank you Carla for trying to make a difference, it's refreshing to see a teenager 'giving' instead of 'taking' - you have a very big heart!!

Heartfelt appreciation and kudos to Carla's parents for encouraging her efforts and for allowing Shasta into their home.


Shasta Updates

08.11.00 Shasta was at the vet's on Wednesday and she now weighs 112.4
lbs.!!!!!!!!  A weight loss of 17.1 lbs.!!  Carla reports that Shasta can now walk all the way around the block without stopping, tries to run with the other dogs at the park and can get up off the floor without assistance - she even tried to do the 'bouv bounce!!  Great work Carla!!

08.18.00 Well, here's a pic of Shasta - 20 LBS lighter!!!!  Carla tells me that Shasta loves to meet all the other dogs on their walks - she's up to 1 hr walks - she runs, and can trot almost all the way around the block.  Shasta now has a shape to her and when she walks you can see her thigh muscles!!  What an improvement!!

08.28.00 I picked Shasta up from Carla today - it's time for Carla to go back to school.  Shasta looks wonderful!!!  She jumps, runs and actually has a shape!! We stopped at the vets on the way home and she weights 105 lbs!!  That's a total weight loss of 24.5 lbs!!!  Amazing!!  Thank you  Carla for the fabulous job that you've done with Shasta, I know that Shasta will never forget you and she will miss you and your family.

Shasta, with her newly acquired svelte figure, is now looking for her 'forever' home.  She would prefer a home without small children, that likes to go for walks, drives in the country or 'kicking back' on the couch watching TV. Shasta wouldn't mind having a 'laid back', non-dominant canine companion but she can be a little bossy and possessive of her space.

09.17.00 Shasta went to live with Len & Sharon Gaska in Colorado.  CLICK HERE 

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