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Special Directives to Judges & Breeders
Coat & Grooming
Oct 18, 1997

Following is a translation of a Special Meeting that was held 18/10/97 in Amiens by the French and Belgian Bouvier Clubs, co-holders of the breed Standard, with. the intent to elaborate special directives to the world Bouvier Community.

Original French and Dutch available.

Directives intended for the Bouvier des Flandres Clubs and judges. Elaborated 18/10/97 at Amiens by the French and Belgian Clubs, co-holders of the Standard.

1. The Belgian Club (CNBBF) and French Club (CBF) co-holders of the Bouviers de Flandres Breed Standard (FC1 191 of 07/07/93) affirm as a preamble that the Standard is not to be modified nor interpreted but it must be applied. In charge of controlling its respect by the judges, they are concerned with issuing useful warnings and to launch if necessary proceedings that could entail sanctions.

2. They express the concern that certain derivatives may jeopardize the Bouvier des Flandres type. Consequently they remind the qualified judges of FCI recognized countries of the obligation to assert themselves in shows to rigorously seek and to take into consideration in the attribution of qualifications and ranking the derivatives of certain subjects shown, with respect to the Standard.

3. They ask that particular attention be brought to the following points:

3.1. Aptitude:

The Bouvier des Flandres has and must conserve its working aptitudes.

Any derivation of its morphology which may hinder this must be penalized.

Furthermore it is agreed that the breed clubs make the necessary arrangements adaptable to detecting the dogs aptitudes and inform the judges who should take it into consideration as an important point with respect to conforming to the Standard.

3.2. Head:

The head, other than its standard faults, can prominently display derivatives of the type. To be particularly verified:

- A lightly accentuated stop;
-The frontal groove barely marked;
-The muzzle-skull parallelism;
-The 2-3 muzzle-skull ratio;
-Flat cheeks without prominent zygomatic arches.

Subjects presented with several faults or having a head of molosoidal appearance should be seriously penalized. Attention should be given to the shape, and direction of the neck of
which its length should be slightly inferior to that of the head.

3.3. Body or trunk and limbs: Will retain particular attention:

-The equality of length between shoulder-point of rump and height at withers;'
-a good profile of the croup excluding croups that are too inclined and too flat;
-The vertical relation between the knee and highest point of the hip.

Which is what amounts to the dog and its square shape. Any notable deformation of this square towards a trapeze shape is to be penalized. Dogs with too long limbs or faulty angulation are not to be favoured. Dogs with tails set on their back are also to be penalized.

3.4. Coat:

-It is agreed to severely sanction dogs with coats that are too soft, woolly, too long and those lacking in undercoat.
-Light coloured coats are undesirable: no yellow, white or bleached dogs.
-Shaved skulls, puffy and shiny coats and high-fashion stylized grooming are to be sanctioned.

3.5. Height-Weight:

Dogs which are too tall and too heavy, along with dogs which are inferior to the minimum required height as per the Standard are to be severely penalized.

3.6. Gait:

Dogs with a very long trot, generally caused by tight bent hocks, present an imperfection.

4. The Bouvier des Flandres clubs are invited to inform their members, breeders and judges of these directives and to see they are respected. This document will be brought to the attention of the Federation Cynologique Interantionale, the Union Royale Cynologique Saint Hubert and the Societe Centrale Canine.

In the case of contestation, the French language text will be that of reference.

Made at Amiens the 18/10/97.

For Belgium
President, Felix Grulois
L. Goyvaerts
J. Denierbe
A. Van Vlasselare

For France
President, R. Hamberger
G. Dupuis
S. Guillaume

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