Welcome. This is Jan Rifkinson's Bouvsite.  Here you will find all the resources you'll  need to understand the pros & cons of a Bouvier des Flandres.
I am *not* a breeder &  I have absolutely *no* commercial interest  in any information  on this site. Please do not ask me for breeder recommendations.

Pictured are my Bouviers: Truman (right) & Stella (left). Truman is a U.S. & Canadian confirmation champion while Stella Bella is his charming, munchkin companion who we were lucky enough to adopt, thus saving her from further puppy mill & backyard breeding duties.

This web site contains Bouvier art & adoption links, a Buyer's Guide, printable documents & articles, upcoming Bouvier eventsgrooming instructions, important health issues, some breed history, an Int'l Bouvery page, links to other sites, instructions how to contact Bouv lovers, misc items, amusing photos, help in focusing on the right Bouvier for you, a useful booklist, stories galore, training information, tributes to wonderful Bouviers past and more Want to help a Bouvier in need?

If your browser handles frames, perhaps the most complete way to browse this 900 plus page Bouvsite is to click Frames If your browser doesn't handle frames, click No FramesThinking about a Bouvier?  Click Find a Bouvier Find a subject or Search for itLost?  Click on SiteMap You can jump to any subject that interests you by using the menu @ the top or bottom of most every page.

And you can download most information for your personal use unless specifically noted by copyright notice & I trust you'll respect that. 

Do you have something to say?  Click on the  button.  I welcome  suggestions, comments, corrections & contributions to the Bouvsite.  It's easy to contact me from most pages.

Besides the
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Truman, Sabrina & I sincerely hope your visit with all the Bouvier des Flandres on these many pages is useful and/or enjoyable. We are here to serve your interests in this most wonderful breed.

Jan S Rifkinson
Advance pro-activity in defense of the Bouvier

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