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Date: October '99



1999 Bouvier Annual Meeting Notes
Observers & Note Takers: Cyndi Routledge & Jan Rifkinson

Although the AKC & NAWBA don't copyright the minutes of their meetings, the ABdFC seems to think it's appropriate, although I've had legal opinions which indicate there is current law bolstered by recent decisions, that might force a rollback of this secrecy were it to go to court.

Given the current situation, Cyndi Routledge & yours truly took notes.  Who knows whether these notes are as "accurate" as the secy's  ranscribed minutes will be as you will never be able to compare them publically.  But for those of you who are interested in our rendition, here are our notes from the 1999 ABdFC annual meeting held @ the ever friendly Olympia Resort & Spa.  

Sort of respectfully submitted by Jan Rifkinson & Cyndi Routledge.

Treasurer's report:
ABdFC bank balance stands @ $40,000
Rescue balance stands @ $20,000
Dues totaled $15,000; dues will be most likely be raised

From Oct '98-Sep '99
328 ABdFC Buyers Guides were sent out
420 breeder's lists were sent out

1/3 of the Buyer's Guides (120) & 1/3 breeder's lists (161) were sent out between Aug & Sep'99.  [personal aside -- I wonder how many of those referrals came from the CCB Dogofflanders website which maintains a link to the ABdFC site]

According to the secy, Dorothy Kent, who spent a portion of her goodbye speech chastising the "chat lists", the secy recommends *NO*   breeders but will send out a breeder list with 96 names on it to anyone who asks for it.

There was some talk about setting priorities for the the club.  On the list:
rescue liabilities
rescue burn out
networking & fund raising
information communication (I didn't note with whom)

The By Laws revision was defeated.  It needed 75% but rcvd only 72.5% of the vote.

Club membership was 500+

Education Committee Report:
Looking thru archived articles for reprinting in The Dirty Beards & Rescue Roundup. The puppy booklet is being updated.  Stud & purchase contract forms are being reviewed.  A history column will be added to Dirty Beard.

Rescue Report:
80 dogs placed
30% higher than last year

something about the rescue website

An education ad will be placed in "Dog Fancy" offering information &/or breeder referral.

The ABdFC Annual Meeting:

Began with a motion from David Raper for a vote to proceed 'out of order' and elect the counters of the ballots so they could be doing their "job" while the meeting proceeded and a further motion that only the ballots for the Board positions be counted as they were the only ones that needed counting because there was no alternate slate for the Officiers. 

Then we heard from the Officiers and endured a scolding from Dorothy Kent as to the "evils" of the different "chat" lines and Bouv lists. Her entire report will appear in the "official minutes" as per the motion. (We were also told that if there isn't a motion to include a specific report in the Official minutes they are not required to do so under RROO...which might explain why are minutes seem vague at best.)

David Raper then officially informed the group that the By-Law vote did not pass and proceeded to lecture us that it failed by only 6 votes and that only 224 members of the ~500+ even bothered to vote. He also discussed the "evils" of us not voting for the changes and how that would effect us all and lightly touched on the fact that even though the changes failed this current Board can institute the changes and call them a "policy" which would only work during their time in office. Stayed tuned....

Debbie G., Judges Education Chair reported that the education packets are a "work in progress", constantly being changed and updated. She also announced that they are for sale for $25 to members. She also stated, when directly asked by Nancy Algrems, that the FCI (French) Standard is being included in the packets and would remain as a part of the packet. She reported the following Judges Education Seminars:  Aug. '99 was Astro Hall in Texas, Portland was in Sept '99,  Oct. 99, one at the National in Wisconsin, one for the Mason/Dixson Judges group and one at Bay State.  In November one will be presented at the Senior Judges Conference.

Futurity- Bev Riley announced the eligible numbers for 99 Futurity I beleive it was 44 litters with 65 Bouvs eligible, for 2000 there are 42 litters and so far 93 puppies but they must meet requirements and get paperwork in on time. There was much discussion but no decisions made with reference to the appropriate distribution of remaining funds in the Futurity account. Bev stated that in the green Futurity handbook that each participant receives it states that there is to be a 60/40 split of the monies...60% going for prize money and 40% going for expenses with the leftover put back into the Futurity account and rolled over to the next year. This is not being done.  In 1998 there was  $758.00 that was NOT rolled over but just put into the general account. (The exact amount was haggled over, some said $525, George said $200...) There was some discussion of Futurity not paying "their share of show expenses" as a justification of the funds being put into "general account" but in the end the Board decided to take it under advisement and look into it.   [Stay tuned...]

It was further announced that beginning in the year 2001 sire and dam of nominated litters would be required to be health tested.  OFA Cardiac and Hips (to include OVC, OFA or PennHip...prelims would not count) and one other of the following: elbows, CERF or glaucoma (12 mos or less to the breeding) There is also a grandfather clause that states that if you're dog died or dies before 12/31/99 and you have sperm saved, they are not subject to the health tests for nomination.

Health and Genetics had wonderful news. Sue Digiorno and Lee Lockhead have been very busy. They have established separate by-laws for a health foundation.  Carla Shown Anderson has aquired a $92,000 grant from the Morris Animal Foundation to map a gene for SAS. Any interested owner, and/or breeder wishing to participate was encouraged to see them after the meeting for more information. They also announced that a clinical study (3-5 year) was underway to look at glaucoma. It is being held in Northern California but any Opthomologist interested was encouraged to seek info and the protocol procedures so they can particiapte in the study. It was also announced that those who participated in the eye clinic at the National would be included in the study if they chose.

Susan Vroom finished her tenure as Membership Chair and John Reilly should now be assuming the reins.

Debbie Eckels spoke of the upcoming changes to the AKC herding regulations stating that the changes would be positive for the bouvier.

Linda Hoyer submitted a report by proxy that the DBQ was self-funded and that each edition costs about $2000.  However, she went on to request $2,000 be added as a line item in the upcoming budget for Dirty Beards in the event that advertising for an issue is not obtained so the issue could still be published. Also that a new Editor is needed as she has resigned after the next issue is "put to bed".

Dale Cuddy reported that Karen Brown has resigned. She reported that 80 dogs were  placed. And she spoke about the new ABRL newsletter and the positives it has produced.

Specialty 2000 is in Pleasanton, California, October 16-21st.

Specialty 2001 is in Mesa, Arizonia, Oct. 31, Nov,1-3 with a Regional on the 4th.

There was a break in the meeting to vote on whether to accept a ballot that was not submitted according to the "rules" we voted to accept it because it was in the original inner envelope and sealed.

Webmaster Suzanne Sims reported on the web-site and reported it was up to date and running smoothly.

3 of the 4 Appointees were absent and thus there was no report. Historian, Kevin Taylor said he was looking for old photos and also folks who might be able to identify some of the dogs in old photos. He's busy working on the achieves.

Somewhere in here the "counters" arrived back with the results:
Board of Governors for 2002
162 votes for Dale Cuddy   **
155 votes for DeSalvia
188 votes for G. Zimmerman  **
192 votes for Nancy Eilks  **
1 illegal and rejected vote
**- are the newly  elected folks.

There was a discussion of the unauthorized use of funds. Based on the motion of last year which forbid this to occur. But the explanation from the treasurer was that as long as it wasn't a permanent usage he/the Board could move money where ever they needed it. As long as it was eventually put back in whatever fund it was taken from.

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