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The Lion's Game 5 Nelson Demille A great read, dialogue so wonderful that you will hear yourself laugh out loud as hard-boiled John Correy tracks a Libyan terrorist across the U.S. in this thriller novel.
Sick Puppy 5 Carol Hiaasen A black lab, a one eyed governor, a committed environmentalist & a rhino even the score. A great romp in the ridiculous world of Carl Hiaasen.
The Talbot Odyssey 2 Nelson DeMille A Russian Conspiracy to take over the  world & the geriatric O.S.S. springs into action.
The Simple Truth 3 David Baldacci A tangled web of intrigue centered around the Supreme Court. A bit far-fetchewd for me.
The Bridge Builder's Story 5 Howard Fast A young, wealthy, American newlywed couple go the Germany in 1939 for their honeymoon.  Life is never the same again.
Cuba 3 Stephen Coonts A slow build that ends in a military crises between the US & post-Fidel Cuba. Exciting military operations read.
Tall Blondes 3 Lynn Sherr Those elegant giraffes; charming
The Greatest Generation 2 Tom Brokaw Read this especially if your parents were involved in WWII
TimeLine 2 Michael Crichton weaving quantum physics & medieval knights
All Too Human 5 George Stephanapoulos Canidid, personal very inside view of the goings on in the Clinton White House
A Man in Full 4 Tom Wolfe Wonderfully descriptive, fascinating detail, story falls apart @ the end
Closed Chambers 4 Edward Lazarus Very heavy but interesting reading about politics inside the US Supreme Court
A Civil Action 4 Jonathan Harr An insider's look @ a personal injury lawsuit, now a pretty good movie
Angela's Ashes 5 Frank McCourt growing up poor in Ireland - depressing & inspiring, both story & writing
Another City Not my Own 4 Dominick Dunne The OJ Simpson Trial from a totally different perspective
Dead Even 4 Brad Meltzer Meltzers's 2nd book: husband wife lawyers face off in court & @ home
Plum Island 5 Nelson DeMille The adventures of a recuperating cop, a great read
Goldcoast 5 Nelson DeMille an ironic & humorous look at wealth & murder
David Brinkley, a Memoir 4 David Brinkley it's the twinkle in Brinkley's eye
A Good Life 5 Ben Bradlee exuberant & respectful review of the times
Snow Falling on Cedars 5 David Guterson murder mystery & small town prejudice
In Contempt 2 Christopher Darden I wonder if this guy is a republican...
A Drinking Life 5 Pete Hamill a poignant read; then think twice about alcohol
And The Sea Will Tell 2 Vincent Bugliosi not as good as "Helter Skelter"
Lenin's Tomb 3 Dennis Remnick the fall of communism
The Great Bridge 4 David McCullough building the Brooklyn Bridge
The Railroad Man 1 Eric Lomax a true story of wartime courage & cruelties
Makes Me Want To Holler 4 Nathan McCall from criminal to reporter, "Makes Me Want to Wonder"
My War 4 Andy Rooney if you like Andy Rooney, you'll love this account
Truman (not my Bouvier) 5 David McCullough for historians & "Trumanites"
Primary Colors 1 Anonymous (Joe Klein) behind the scenes in the '92 Clinton campaign
When I was Puerto Rican 4 Esmeralda Santiago a true, personal, poignant & funny book
Clockers 3 Richard Price even better than the movie
People Will Always Be Kind 4 Wilfred Shead family
Ladies & Gentlemen Lenny Bruce 5 Albert Goldman a must for those who are too young to remember
The 10th Justice 5 Brad Meltzer a fun read, a Supreme Court mystery, with murder, friendship & a suicide
To the End of Time 4 Richard Clurman Warner's takeover of Time, Inc., an insider's view
The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love 5 Oscar Hijuelos One Cuban family's story about coming to America, great story telling
Sylvia 4 Howard Fast Tracking a Lost Love
Final Cut 4 Steven Bach Movie making gone mad


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